Cuborio® is the Web Platform to realise your project

Cuborio® is a web platform offering a multitude of modules and functions to realise your e-Commerce project, multi-vendor Marketplace, operational or booking management, Help Desk system and everything else you can think of.


A solid infrastructure to support your ideas

Cuborio® is based on the most popular and powerful framework: Laravel® which lays the foundation for the development of your ideas.

Cuborio® is a completely Open-Source, scalable and highly collaborative software; 100% developed in Italy by Italian developers resident in Italy who offer highly specialised support and consultancy for your business.

Cuborio® is the inseparable partner for your business


Versatile and Scalable

Its modular and expandable structure allows us to realise any function


Team of developers

You don't just buy the software but the team that developed it, there are no middlemen or agencies and resellers


It is your asset

It is not for hire but the software becomes yours and will be part of your business.


Constant updates

Cuborio® stays young! We take care of keeping it up-to-date in terms of safety and compatibility


A to Z

We take care of server and cloud infrastructure to give you all the power you need


Customised development

We don't stop at the modules and functions you already have, we realise what you need!

Our secret: evolutionary updates

Underpinning the robustness of your business is a Continuous Integration process that ensures constant updates


Project phase

The process starts with a customer report, a request for new functions or a planned implementation


Development and Testing

Then the functionality is implemented or the signalling is resolved and automated tests are scheduled


Update release

The new software version is processed by the Continuous Integration system and released on the customer's installation


Modular Structure

Cuborio® has a solid base called core to which modules containing the various functions can be added.

All modules are perfectly integrated with each other and native because they are created by the same team of developers.

And if you need customisation, we build the module that contains the functions and logic your business needs.

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A secure and reliable process

Cuborio benefits from an automated debugging and testing system that ensures stable and secure releases.

Resolved reports are treasured and secured through ad-hoc Test programming.

What you can achieve with Cuborio®


b2B & B2C e-Commerce

All the tools to realise your B2B or B2C e-Commerce Multi-domain

single eCommerce

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Build a Multi-Vendor, Multi-Domain Marketplace with native split-payment

multi-Vendor eCommerce

Customised management

Cuborio® offers a team of developers who can realise what you need

About us

Why Cuborio®?

Find out why our team developed the proprietary softwareto build e-Commerce platforms,read the story and learn about the passion that sets us apart.