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Realizza la tua piattaforma e-commerce B2B personalizzabile per marketplace con Cuborio, la soluzione che può diventare esattamente ciò che desideri.

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A website must be simple, graphically appealing and fast loading. Our fully customisable designs allow you to have all that and more.



Mobile commerce is the latest frontier of online shops and in the near future will become the most used digital shops worldwide. Let your customers buy from tablets and smartphones quickly and securely with our m-Commerce that integrates the world's most secure payment systems.

Realise your m-Commerce

b2C e-Commerce

For retail companies that want to sell anywhere in the business-to-business mode, we offer a customised and unique solution that allows you to launch your brand online with a responsive, SEO-optimised e-commerce website including full Android and iOS e-commerce mobile apps. You also get a progressive web app.

Building your B2C e-Commerce

b2B e-Commerce

For wholesalers and manufacturers who want the best business-to-consumer e-commerce solution: with our products, you are assured of the most robust mobile online storefronts and a powerful back-end administration panel that offers complete control at all times and for all e-commerce management needs.

Building your B2C e-Commerce

Booking Commerce Solution

Attract, engage and retain more customers with online bookings and payments directly from your customised website, Android and iOS app. This solution is designed specifically for service businesses, including: hotels and restaurants, event bookings, medical appointments, retirement homes, real estate sales and rentals, health or wellness services and more.

Build your Booking Commerce Solution

Multivendor e-commerce

Setting up an Amazon- or eBay-style marketplace is easy, fast and secure with Cuborio thanks to the multivendor mode where the digital shop operator can enter an infinite number of shops, each of which can freely sell its products while paying the operator an automatic percentage of each takings.

Build your Multi-Vendor eCommerce


With dropshipping e-commerce you can finally say goodbye to warehousing. You sell on the Internet from your website and your supplier will ship the purchased goods directly to your customers. Zero logistics, very little administration and if you want to cut costs and taxes you can use affiliate marketing as a business strategy.

Dropshipping ecommerce

Realizza la tua piattaforma e-commerce B2B personalizzabile per marketplace con Cuborio, la soluzione che può diventare esattamente ciò che desideri.

Se sei un'azienda che desidera vendere online ovunque anche in modalità business-to-business, Cuborio ti offre una soluzione personalizzata e unica nel suo genere.

Lancia il tuo brand online con un sito e-commerce reattivo ottimizzato per la SEO e comprensivo di app mobili per Android e iOS in modo facile e conveniente. Se sei un grossista o un produttore, la nostra soluzione di e-commerce business-to-consumer è ciò di cui hai bisogno, grazie alle nostre vetrine online mobile e un potente pannello di amministrazione che ti offrirà il controllo completo, in ogni momento e per ogni esigenza legata alla gestione dell'e-commerce.

E se stai pensando di creare un marketplace in stile Amazon o eBay, con Cuborio sarà semplice, veloce e sicuro grazie alla modalità multi-vendor che ti permette di inserire infiniti negozi, ognuno dei quali potrà vendere liberamente i propri prodotti, riconoscendo al gestore una percentuale automatica su ogni incasso.

e-Commerce B2B & B2C

We are an all-Italian Software House specialising in Multi-Vendor e-Commerce. Since 2010 we have been helping hundreds of companies to grow online.


What is Cuborio® and what makes it stand out in the e-commerce sector?

Cuborio is the latest generation of software mainly dedicated to the development and creation of e-Commerce and Marketplaces.

On both the Italian and international market, there are countless companies and web agencies that create online stores using CMSs such as Magento, PrestaShop, CS-Cart, WooCommerce or Shopify.

Few agencies, on the other hand, have thought of devising a proprietary platform like Cuborio that can meet the needs of the business in every respect.

With Cuborio's dedicated development services, but especially with technical support, you can immediately unlock and harness the power of your e-commerce to expand your business.

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Our Cuborio® agency offers your business the opportunity to expand into online sales with e-commerce and m-commerce by boosting your credibility, reputation and the trust of your customers.

Brand building, digital marketing and digital PR are just some of the aspects that tie in with your digital shop. Thanks to them, your sales and brand visibility will grow exponentially with the cooperation and intervention of Cuborio's professional e-commerce developers.

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Why choose the Cuborio® platform?

There are countless reasons why Cuborio® should be your e-commerce website platform of choice.
Here are some of the many specifications:

  • it is Open Source;
  • it is totally Scalable;
  • it is entirely in Italian;
  • It provides access to powerful marketing tools;
  • it is Google SEO friendly;
  • Easy independent management of web pages and catalogues;
  • Totally customisable.

Unique and innovative features
What makes Cuborio® the winning choice


Armoured and Secure

Protected against attacks and unauthorised access through two-factor authentication.


It is yours, not for hire

The software is yours, not a subscription or SaaS site. You exploit its full value and it is your asset!


Usable and intuitive

No computer knowledge or HTML code is needed to manage your project.


SEO & Multilingualism

Pleased with Google, you can create any type of platform in hundreds of languages.


Maximum performance

Both backend and frontend are fast, no waiting, just answers.


Automatic Updates

Evolutionary updates and maintenance are included and managed by our team of developers.



Our technicians customise functions and graphics to suit your needs


Scalable and Flexible

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Project, Multi-User, Multi-Language, Multi-Role, Multi-Everything...

Is online sales only meant for some of the major e-commerce sites like or eBay? Wrong!

Cuborio offers the best tools and websites so that any retail or medium-sized business can reduce its time to market and compete with those first-class marketplaces at the same time. With us, discover a team of technology experts and developers who constantly devote their efforts to providing the best support for the creation of budget-conscious corporate and e-commerce websites and web portals. Regardless of what you are selling or what you would like to make known online, Cuborio allows you to create a unique user experience by delivering each online project with an excellent experience for the end user, the customer.

Play it forward. Cuborio offers companies dedicated services that many web agencies do not yet make available.

Regardless of whether your business is hyperlocal or global, our team can develop a customised internet software solution that meets all your business needs. We are the fastest go-to-market in the industry as we have developed a fully tested scalable e-commerce platform, no need to create your online shop and mobile app from scratch. Your complete solution will be up and running in the shortest possible time, compared to the long lead times of an industry-standard implementation. Launch your ecommerce brand anywhere in the world with us: we offer a responsive website or online shop, a progressive web app and a mobile app, so you can be ready to start making yourself known and selling immediately wherever your customers are. Our solutions come complete with integrated marketing, reporting, payment processing and much more that is essential if you want to start selling online or grow your business.

How can our Cuborio design and development team help?

Our website development and e-commerce services are focused on creating not only an attractive online shop, but also one that will significantly increase your sales.

We have assembled a team of experienced developers, software engineers and creative designers who are always ready to turn your e-commerce vision into a profitable business. Our multivendor store development services include the following features:a



We never use pre-configured templates or modules. We create a website or digital shop tailored to your business needs from scratch. Our team of developers focuses on developing a web project that will increase your visibility and sales by offering a great user experience and responsiveness.


We have an endless range of extensions, all developed in-house and entirely by our team, that will help you significantly increase the performance of your e-commerce site. Our team will implement all the necessary modules that we have already tested and guarantee to provide reliable results.


If there is a feature that you think will contribute greatly to increasing your online sales, our team will be ready to create and implement it on your e-commerce site. Our web developers and programmers create add-ons on a daily basis that are specifically requested by our customers and that you may need.


Whatever software tool you need to improve the performance and efficiency of your shop, our IT technicians will deliver exactly what you ask for, either by integrating the data you have or by making your management system communicate quickly and easily with your website.

Cuborio® is perfect for...

discover what you can achieve with Cuborio® and how many fiscal and management aspects you can easily solve

Territorial marketplace

Are you a consortium or an association? A municipality or a public body? Give your vendors maximum freedom by allowing them to manage products, shipments or deliveries 'by hand', all quickly and intuitively.

Amazon® Reloaded

Is Amazon® your source of inspiration? Good! Cuborio® allows you to collect funds for multiple sellers in one payment and distribute them, manage returns and shipments (also in hybrid mode).

Marketplace As a Service

Don't want to handle cash? Cuborio® also supports payments with commission deduction. You do not touch the Sellers' money! By abandoning cash, you have no liability and retain commission.

How can our developers help you?

At Cuborio, we don't just focus on design and aesthetics. We also care about your business and its profitability. Our web agency is ready to ensure the success of your business by creating websites that attract your customers and make it easier to conduct transactions and close sales. We have a team of professionals who can help you realise your business ambitions. Contact us now for more information on Cuborio to get started with our top developers. We are proud of our professionalism and competence. Your success is our success and we want to help you launch your online business. If you are interested in learning more about our service, contact our offices in Florence or Rome today. We would be thrilled to help you set up your customised e-commerce shop.

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